A conversation with Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences...

621 Commonwealth ave. Room B02
November 19.
Why join?

Join Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences expert, Tyler Perrachion...

Join Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences expert, Tyler Perrachione, for an insightful talk about his work and life as a researcher and a professor.

Dr. Perrachione’s research explores how the structure and function of the human brain supports a capacity for complex communication, including speech perception, language learning, and voice recognition. The lab approaches these questions through a systems neuroscience framework, investigating how fundamental neural processes such as auditory plasticity underlie communication development and expertise. This basic science approach supports a clinical research emphasis on understanding the neural profile of developmental communication disorders such as dyslexia and language-based learning impairments. The laboratory employs a wide array of contemporary neuroimaging technologies, including structural and functional MRI, EEG, and noninvasive neurostimulation for research on human participants.


PLEASE RSVP !! We may need to move to a bigger room if there will be a big turnout :-) Check back before the event to confirm the room.
This should be a memorable evening, and refreshments will be served.
More information on the website of the event.


621 Commonwealth ave. Room B02


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