202 Eaton Hall
February 01.
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The Association of Multiracial People at Tufts Spring General Inter...

The Association of Multiracial People at Tufts Spring General Interest Meeting!

Come Hang out, learn about our programming for the coming semester, and meet our executive board!

Tea and Cookies provided!

We have a new program for the Spring Semester: Peer Groups
Peer Groups will be subdivisions of AMPT which focus on a specific issue. Peer groups will discuss their personal experience with this topic as well as it's societal impact. The goal of this program is to allow members of AMPT to interact and explore specific parts of their identity not touched on by the community as a whole.


Mixed Race Relationships:
In this small group, we will discuss the stereotypes, societal pressures, and power dynamics found in mixed-race relationships. We will share our own personal experiences relating them back to these themes, as well as delve deeper into why we have these preconceptions about multiracial people. We will challenge media's portrayal of mixed-race people, the exotification of our bodies, and more.
Led by Patrick Mahaney and Shana Merrifield
More information on the website of the event.


202 Eaton Hall


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