AUDITION for "LAST" - Bare Bodkin Major 2016

Jackson 6
February 05.
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Last is absurd tragicomedy about the final act of the human race. I...

Last is absurd tragicomedy about the final act of the human race. In a future where the last human being is nothing more than a scientific curiosity on display, this final member of our species tries to remember what humanity was and how it should be remembered.

~ Character Breakdown ~

HUMAN (Any Gender): The very last human in existence, it has spent its entire life in captivity at the mysterious "Academy" eating pudding cups and crackers, and spending its free time "thinking." Somewhat naive and innocent, the Human slowly starts to question its situation and wonder what it truly means to be human. Casting is open to all genders, races, and ages.

ARISTOTLE (Male): A baboon, taken by the Academy from the African savannah, Aristotle serves as the Human's lone companion in captivity. A born performer with a love of debate, Aristotle resents his incarceration and the mysterious beings who abducted him. Aristotle embodies both the intellectual and earthy, the proper and profane and comes to depend on the human as much as the human depends on him. Aristotle should be played by someone ready to meet a physically demanding role.

VOICE (Any Gender): The voice is the sole representative of the mysterious beings who occupy Earth after humanity's decline. Part docent, part warden, the voice hides the Academy's agenda behind cheerful misinformation and condescension. Though the voice will not appear in the action of the play, the voice interacts with both of its captives with a curious superiority. Though the part is open to any race, age, or gender, actors should have a clear, powerful speaking voice.

~ Audition Information ~

Friday, February 5th from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday, February 6th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

**For the audition, please prepare a one-minute monologue. It can be either comedic or tragic, but it needs to allow for a wide range of physical movement. Please review the sides on the callboard, as you may read from them in the audition and/or callbacks.

~ Contacts ~

Peter Secrest
Stage manager

Tori Otten

Jake Hoover
More information on the website of the event.


Jackson 6


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