Audition for Measure for Measure

Loeb Drama Center and Farkas Hall
January 26.
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Auditions held...
Tuesday, January 26 6-9pm - Loeb RRD

Auditions held...
Tuesday, January 26 6-9pm - Loeb RRD
Wednesday, January 27 6-9pm - Farkas Hall 203
Thursday, January 28 6-9pm - Loeb RRD
Friday, January 29 9pm-12am - Farkas Studio

Breakdown: 5m/3w/4gb
No preparation necessary!

Something is rotten in the state of… Vienna?
Duke Regent Angelo sets out on a mission to “cleanse” the vice-ridden Vienna, and orders the arrest of anyone who commits “promiscuity.” As a result, the young Claudio is sentenced to death for impregnating his fiancé.

Claudio’s sister Isabella goes to Angelo to plead for Claudio’s life. Angelo, infatuated with Isabella, offers to release Claudio in exchange for Isabella’s virginity. Aided by Vienna’s absent duke and denizens of the city’s underworld, Isabella attempts to bring Angelo to justice.

This production will serve as a contribution to the on-going conversation surrounding sexual climate on Harvard’s campus. Measure for Measure presents us with the opportunity to reflect on how elements of our own culture and institution perpetuate the cycle of sexual violence, and how we as members of this community might break that cycle.
More information on the website of the event.


Loeb Drama Center and Farkas Hall


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