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Curry Student Center Indoor Quad
January 27.
Why join?

Are you interested in learning about how a startup company operates...

Are you interested in learning about how a startup company operates? Do you want to gain meaningful work experience this semester? Come network with Northeastern's very own ventures and have a shot at getting hired by the company you love!

CONNECT pairs students from all over campus with companies in IDEA: Northeastern University's Venture Accelerator. The partnerships last for one semester for the purpose of immersing students in startup life and giving them hands-on work experience.

Here's a brief description of each ventures:

Dash Electric is an electric vehicle company working on it’s first product, an electric longboard. They are looking to make traveling in cities easier for everyone by giving them fun, green, and affordable means to get around the city. Dash Electric is looking for positions in marketing, graphic design, and arduino programming.

New Grounds Food was co-founded by Johnny Fayad and Ali Kothari in April of 2013. When 40-hour workweeks, college, and sleepless nights left these co-founders battling with morning classes, they set out to solve the problem. Johnny and Ali had a mutual frustration with running late to their 8:00 AM Financial Accounting class, and wanted a faster and simpler way to get their breakfast and coffee in the morning without compromising nutrition. With this problem they faced, they created the CoffeeBar: an all natural, vegan, and gluten-free energy bar that is infused with an entire cup of fair-trade coffee. Made of simple ingredients you would find in a pantry, the CoffeeBar is a delicious, healthy option to getting your day started and keeping it going. The CoffeeBar is New Grounds Food’s first product to help fulfill their mission: “to provide the people of the world with a healthier way to stay energized throughout their day.”

WrightGrid is a clean tech company that specializes in designing and developing solar powered charging stations for mobile electronic devices to be used in a host of outdoor locations and environments. In this way, we can provide a new outdoor advertising platform for interested customers.


SmartAble narrows the gap between education outputs and workforce skill requirements through best utilization of psychometric and aptitude assessments, international dictionary of jobs, a gamified communication platform to reach career education regardless of geographical restrictions, and an engaging and rewarding environment.

Wizio is a crowd-sourced driven apartment search and lease automation platform.

Jumpshell manages a network of the most honest, competent and professional rental agents to consitently give renters a positive apartment search experience.

MyOncampusChef is a peer to peer marketplace that connects students living oncampus without a kitchen to students living on/off campus willing to host and cook traditional homemade food for them for a reasonable amount of money based on their costs.

On-Demand meets Food Service and Hospitality. Our beautiful mobile application seamlessly allows Employees to work whenever they want, and Employers to hire whenever they need… in 1-hour!


We connect prospective college students with enrollees through overnight and short day visits. Essentially, Airbnb meets Couchsurfing for future undergrads.


Insightfully matches your needs with opportunity in your network.

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Curry Student Center Indoor Quad


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