Harvard College Democrats Lobby Day

Harvard College Democrats
Cambridge 02138
December 07.
Why join?

The Harvard Dems' semesterly trip to the Massachusetts State House...

The Harvard Dems' semesterly trip to the Massachusetts State House provides community members at Harvard and beyond a unique opportunity to truly make a change in our state by personally meeting with legislators to advocate for progressive bills that would reshape the lives of thousands of people living in our state.

This year, the two bills we are supporting are H. 341, to institute a universal pre-K system, and H. 1278, a sexual assault survivors' bill of rights. By providing all Massachusetts citizens with pre-K services, education levels would improve across the state, especially in low-income and minority communities. By implementing a sexual assault survivors' bill of rights, sexual assault survivors would have the legal right to access their rape kits, as well as improve the legal ability to prosecute perpetrators while protecting the privacy of victims.

During Lobby Day, you will personally talk to legislators within the State House and the Senate to help persuade them to support our bills. You are free to lobby for the bill that you prefer.

On Lobby Day, the second day of Reading Period, we will meet at the Harvard Square T stop at 9:15 am, and travel to the State House as a group. However, Lobby Day is accommodating to all those who can only stay for parts of the event.

Attendance at the Harvard College Democrats Lobby Day Workshop Monday, November 30th at 9:00 pm in Boylston 104 is required to attend Lobby Day.
More information on the website of the event.


Harvard College Democrats
Cambridge 02138, 57 Shepard St, Ste 137


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