Harvard Early Music Society Presents: Handel's Alexander'...

Agassiz Theater
Cambridge 02138
December 03.
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In the year 2015, Alexander Great, an American billionaire, has cap...

In the year 2015, Alexander Great, an American billionaire, has captured the Persian City of Persepolis, and in celebration throws a banquet for his lover Thais featuring an haute couture fashion show. Timotheus, the ruler's favorite musician, entertains. The music arouses various moods in the ruler: from overwhelming pride, to drunken zeal, to sorrowful remembrance over the death of his soldiers. Finally, overcome with vengeance, he seizes torches and sets Persepolis ablaze in revenge for the capture and sacking of various places important to him. Legend has it that it was not the music alone that incited the king to avenge his countrymen, but that his own lover Thais also played a part.

This performance of Alexander’s Feast is a highly original staging of a traditionally performed oratorio, right here at Harvard in the Agassiz Theater's Horner Room! This production is jointly sponsored by the Harvard Early Music Society, Saad Amer Design, the Office for the Arts, and the Harvard Office For Sustainability.

Location: Agassiz Theater Horner Room

Performance dates:

December 3rd, 8pm
December 4th, 8pm
December 5th, 8pm

Directed by Steve Kunis '17
Music Directed by Sam Wu '17 & Sean Rodan '17
Produced by Sumire Hirotsuru '16 & Henry Shreffler '18

Fashion Line by Saad Amer '16


Alexander the Great (bass soloist) – Andrew O'Shanick
Thais (soprano soloist) – Emily Thorner
Timotheus (tenor soloist) – Andy Troska '17
Alto Soloist – Sara Weaver

Chorus: Christine Ashton, Ellen Allen, Jiaqi Duan, Luran He, Steve Klosterman, Patricia Kopko, Sarah Mitchell, Sean Rodan, Andy Troska, Sara Weaver
More information on the website of the event.


Agassiz Theater
Cambridge 02138, 10 Garden St.


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