Iolanthe Singthrough

MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players
Cambridge 02139
January 10.
Why join?

Curious about Gilbert and Sullivan, but not sure you can commit to...

Curious about Gilbert and Sullivan, but not sure you can commit to a show? Or a G&S junkie looking for a quick fix? Join the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players on Sunday, January 10 at 2 pm for a fun, no-pressure afternoon sing through of Iolanthe, or The Peer and the Peri. (Location TBD)

About the show:
Iolanthe, a fairy, is allowed to return after being banished for the crime of marrying a mortal. Not a moment too soon, for her half-human, half-fairy son Strephon needs her help: The Lord Chancellor refuses to allow Strephon to marry the beautiful Phyllis, a shepherdess. Iolanthe and the fairies agree to help him, and together they must overcome the opposition of the entire British parliament!

We are seeking choristers, soloists, and members of the orchestra. If you would like to sing a role, send us a Facebook message by Monday, 1/4 with your name, email, voice part, preferred role, and a little bit about yourself and your singing experience. We will try to give a role or partial role to anyone who requests one, with MIT students taking priority.

The available roles are described below:

Strephon (baritone) - The half-fairy, half-mortal son of Iolanthe, he is desperate for permission to marry Phyllis.

Phyllis (soprano) - Strephon's fiance and the most beautiful ward of the Lord Chancellor.

Iolanthe (mezzo-soprano) - Strephon's fairy mother. She was banished from Fairyland for marrying a mortal, but is pardoned just in time to help her son win his love.

The Lord Chancellor (comic baritone) - Phyllis' guardian, he suffers from the unenviable condition of being in love with his own ward.

Queen of the Fairies (contralto) - The Queen of the Fairies is determined to help Strephon. She is a stickler for Fairy Law, even if it breaks her own heart.

George, Earl of Mountararat (baritone) - A member of the House of Lords, in love with Phyllis.

Thomas, Earl Tolloller (tenor) - A member of the House of Lords, in love with Phyllis.

Celia, a Fairy (soprano)

Leila, a Fairy (mezzo-soprano)

Private Willis (bass) - A particularly handsome guardsman

Fleta, a Fairy (speaking role/chorus)

If you would like time to rehearse your role beforehand, we can arrange time with a vocal coach in the week before the sing through.
More information on the website of the event.


MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players
Cambridge 02139, 84 Massachusetts Ave


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