Larry Temkin: Global Poverty—Why Should We Care?

Sever 113
December 07.
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Come hear philosopher and ethicist Larry Temkin's talk that has ins...

Come hear philosopher and ethicist Larry Temkin's talk that has inspired students at colleges across the northeast!

"Each year, millions of children die from readily preventable causes. This raises an obvious and poignant question. What, if anything, should our reaction be to the apparent fact that each one of us could easily prevent the deaths of many innocent people who are not responsible for their unfortunate plight?"

Larry Temkin is a professor of philosophy at Rutgers. He holds a Ph.D. from Princeton and is the author of "Rethinking the Good: Moral Ideals and the Nature of Practical Reasoning" (OUP, 2012) and "Inequality" (OUP, 1993). He has received fellowships from the Danforth Foundation, the National Humanities Center, Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics, All Souls College Oxford, the National Institutes of Health, the Australian National University, and Princeton, where he was the Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching. He has received eight major teaching awards, including Rice University’s George R. Brown Prize for Excellence in Teaching, the Nicholas Salgo Distinguished Teacher Award, the Phi Beta Kappa Outstanding Teaching Award, and Rutgers’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

The lecture is open to the public, and will include a Q&A session.

Co-sponsored by Tufts Effective Altruism
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Sever 113


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