Learning How to Drown

Boston College Theatre Department
Chestnut Hill 02467
February 17.
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Book & Lyrics by Patricia Noonan '07
Music & Lyrics by Amanda...

Book & Lyrics by Patricia Noonan '07
Music & Lyrics by Amanda Jacobs
Directed by Igor Goldin

Stage Manager: Maggie Snell
Set Designer: Crystal Tiala
Costume Designer: Jackie Dalley
Light Designer: Jeff Adelberg
Sound Designer: George Cooke
Musical Director: David McGory
Vocal Coach: Michelle Miller

2011: It’s the end of summer in New York City. Emma and John are giddy. A brewing hurricane has left them “stranded” together in Emma’s apartment – work-free – for the weekend. It’s a blast...until John proposes.

When Emma turns him down, their weekend takes an unexpected turn as Emma takes John into the story of her grandparents’ love affair. Suddenly, Emma’s apartment becomes the coast of Ireland, where the lives of a sailor named Aidan and a Selkie named Claire collided 70 years before.

When Aidan discovers that the Selkies he’s heard of, these "seal people" who can shed their skin and become human, are much more than just a story, the resulting adventure leads to events that shape his granddaughter’s life for good.

Shifting between modern day NYC, Emma’s memories with her mother, and the Irish love story that has forever shaped Emma’s family, Learning How to Drown is a four actor, one set musical that explores the struggle between commitment and independence in relationships. Do we let the stories our families tell us trap us or set us free? And how far would we go for love?
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Boston College Theatre Department
Chestnut Hill 02467, Boston College, Robsham Theater 140 Commonwealth Ave


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