Life is Good Party, Valentine's Day Themed!

Ticknor Lounge
Cambridge 02138
February 12.
Why join?

Ever wanted to spend a Friday night snacking on healthy (free) food...

Ever wanted to spend a Friday night snacking on healthy (free) food, dancing away to good tunes, socializing, and playing cool games? Then come to Harvard College Health Advocacy Program's Life is Good Party, Friday, Feb. 12 from 8-10 pm in Ticknor Lounge. There will be awesome food from Trader Joes, and awesome throwback + current music to dance to. Come to socialize with your friends, dance be free, be yourself, and eat good food. It's a great way to unwind after a long week or a refreshing way kick-off a busy weekend. And it's a great way to celebrate love and happiness in the spirit of Valentine's Day.
We created this event three years ago with the idea of having an alternative party to the typical college/Harvard party. The Life is Good Party is a totally all-inclusive, fun, free, open, and safe party where dancing, socializing, eating, and doing all three at once are encouraged!
More information on the website of the event.


Ticknor Lounge
Cambridge 02138


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