Meditation Discussion and Workshop

Ticknor Lounge
Cambridge 02138
December 07.
Why join?

Join Harvard neuroscientist, psychologist, and meditation and Hatha...

Join Harvard neuroscientist, psychologist, and meditation and Hatha yoga practitioner, David Vago, for a discussion on the benefits of meditation for stress relief and mindfulness living. A short guided meditation will follow.

Our minds are full of the day's thoughts. Some are positive, some are negative, some are fleeting and harmless, yet others are sticky and the source of continued distress. Mindfulness teaches us that we can let the bad, painful thoughts just pass by without judgement by being accepting, and by focusing on the present. Mindfulness helps us be aware and in the moment, instead of dwelling on the past or the future. Meditation, among other simple practices, fosters the idea of mindfulness. Through meditation, one can learn how to be mindful, and can apply mindfulness techniques to every aspect of life.
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Ticknor Lounge
Cambridge 02138


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