Privilege, Where Do I Stand?

Marsh Plaza
Boston 02215
November 19.
Why join?

A couple of months ago, a powerful video entitled, "Privilege Walk"...

A couple of months ago, a powerful video entitled, "Privilege Walk" went viral on Buzzfeed. Boston University’s Asian Student Union would like to invite you to our own "Privilege Walk", a conversation we believe is imperative given events such as Mizzou and impacts every person on campus.

Through this event we will explore various types of privilege, including but not limited to: socioeconomic status, gender, and sexual orientation. The goal of this event is to create a forum for individuals to discuss these sensitive and often taboo topics, not to blame anyone for having more privilege or for receiving more help in achieving goals.

What the event will look like:
- Privilege Walk, visible to the BU community.
[6PM-7PM at Marsh Plaza]

-Facilitated question based discussion for relfection.
[7PM-8PM at GSU backcourt]

In the case of anybody feeling discomfort during the walk or the discussion, we will be having mental health counselors on site to offer assistance in this matter.

Here’s the original Buzzfeed video:

We encourage anyone and everyone to come out to the event, it will be a time of reflection and meaningful discussion. This exercise is a great way to start a powerful and productive dialogue about privilege and its implications.

If you have any questions or comments, please email
More information on the website of the event.


Marsh Plaza
Boston 02215, 735 Commonwealth Ave


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