THE RAKE'S PROGRESS in Agassiz Theater

Agassiz Theater
Cambridge 02138
February 04.
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Harvard College Opera presents…


Harvard College Opera presents…


In Igor Stravinsky’s neoclassical English opera THE RAKE’S PROGRESS, young Tom Rakewell seems set for a placid life in the suburbs with his sweetheart Anne Trulove–that is, until slick Nick Shadow shows up unexpectedly with the news that Tom has inherited a fortune. Pockets loaded, Tom ditches suburbia for the carnal delights of the city, where his debauchery gets him mixed up with the bearded showgirl Baba the Turk. Lost in a world of vice, Tom becomes enchanted by Shadow’s ability to fulfill his every desire. But will he wake up to find that he’s taken a trip to Sin City with the devil?

Inspired by Stravinsky’s whimsical score and David Lynch’s neo-noir classic Blue Velvet, Harvard College Opera’s production of THE RAKE’S PROGRESS will set Tom’s journey in a seemingly barren industrial plant that transforms through light and theatrical magic into a fantastical dream—or is it a nightmare?—at the hands of Nick Shadow.

Performances in the historic Agassiz Theater:
Wednesday, February 3rd at 7:30 PM FREE Cover Performance
Thursday, February 4th at 7:30 PM $5 with HUID!
Friday, February 5th at 7:30 PM
Saturday, February 6th at 7:30 PM

Music Directed by Jake Wilder-Smith '16
Stage Directed by Joule Voelz '17
Produced by Casey Durant '18, Duncan Saum '18 and Asia Stewart '18

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Tom Rakewell … Andy Troska
Anne Trulove … Asia Stewart
Nick Shadow … Eric Ritter
Baba the Turk … Randa Melhem
Father Trulove … Fred Metzger
Sellem … Hunter York
Mother Goose … Christina Bianco
Keeper of the Madhouse … Desmond Green
Anne Trulove Cover … Arianna Nicole Paz
Baba the Turk Cover … Maddie Studt
Father Trulove Cover … Desmond Green
Ensemble … Christina Bianco, Desmond Green, Arianna Nicole Paz, Marisa Salatino, Duncan Saum, Maddie Studt

Music Director … Jake Wilder-Smith
Stage Director … Joule Voelz
Producers … Casey Durant, Duncan Saum, & Asia Stewart
Stage Manager … Julia Steigerwald Schnall
Assistant Music Director and Rehearsal Pianist … Elias Miller
Rehearsal Pianist … Auburn Lee
Technical Director … Trevor Mullin
Charge Painter … Elizabeth Pattyn
Set Designer … Ali Reed
Lighting Designer … Kathleen Zhou
Costume Designer … Lorena Benitez
Props Designers … Casey Goggin and Naomi Wharton
Poster Designer … Elizabeth Pattyn
Associate Technical Director … Beckett Mullen
Technical Assistants … KeeHup Yong, Daniel Shen, Liam Keohane
Assistant Stage Manager … Carla Troconis
Assistant Electrician … Michaela Kane
Assistant Costumer … Gynthia Gu
Dramaturg … Sam Hagen
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Agassiz Theater
Cambridge 02138, 10 Garden St.


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