The Servant of Two Masters

Boston College Theatre Department
Chestnut Hill 02467
April 28.
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By Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Luke Jorgensen


By Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Luke Jorgensen

Stage Manager: Mallory Cotter
Set Designer: Larry Sousa
Costume Designer: ackie Dalley
Lighting Designer: Karen Perlow
Music Director: David Healey
Movement coach/choreographer: Sun Ho Kim

The exceptionally quirky and comical Truffaldino is the central figure of this play. He is always complaining of an empty stomach, and always trying to satisfy his hunger by eating everything and anything in sight. When the opportunity presents itself to be servant to another master he sees the opportunity for an extra dinner.

As Truffaldino runs around Venice trying to fill the orders of two masters, he is almost uncovered several times, especially because other characters repeatedly hand him letters, money, etc. and say simply "this is for your master" without specifying which one. To make matters worse, the stress causes him to develop a temporary stutter, which only arouses more problems and suspicion among his masters.
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Boston College Theatre Department
Chestnut Hill 02467, Boston College, Robsham Theater 140 Commonwealth Ave


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