The Violence of God and the Story of Jesus

Harvard Hall 103
December 03.
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With religiously motivated acts of terrorism a regular feature of t...

With religiously motivated acts of terrorism a regular feature of the modern world, the pervasive presence of God-appointed or God-approved violence in (especially) the Old Testament cries out for explanation now more than ever. The Hebrew Scriptures--and perhaps even the New Testament--are filled with dark texts of terror. Did God really command Joshua to commit genocide against the Canaanites so that Israel could occupy their land? Why do we read of Elijah calling down destructive fire from heaven on his enemies? What are we to make of the so-called "imprecatory Psalms" in which God's hatred for His enemies fuels bitter and vindictive cries for vengeance against other human beings? Most of all, how are Christians meant to evaluate these disturbing, sordid passages in light of the blatantly non-violent story of Jesus, who taught us to love our enemies, to pray for those who hate us, and to turn the other cheek in response to violence committed against us?

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Harvard Hall 103


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