UGBC Mental Health Spotlight Presents: What I Be Project...

January 25.
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UGBC is bringing What I Be Project to BC for the second time Januar...

UGBC is bringing What I Be Project to BC for the second time January 25th through February 1st! The What I Be Project is a 8-day photo campaign featuring BC students that works to build securities through insecurities. The project will culminate in a revealing event Monday, February 1st.

What I Be is a global movement/photo campaign that is based upon honesty and empowerment. It is designed to create and open and safe community around campus that encourages diversity and empowers students to be proud of something that may be seen as a flaw and show that each student's story is important. Everyone has a story to share and this project provides a creative outlet for us to recognize that everyone has insecurities, but that we should not let those insecurities define us.

Want to participate? Sign ups to join the project will open THIS WEDNESDAY at 9AM. There are 95 slots available and come on a first come, first serve basis.

Want to learn more? Check out the What I Be Project at Steve Rosenfield Photography - What I Be Project or BC's photos here

See the reviews of last here's event here:
More information on the website of the event.



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