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The AHANA Management Academy of Boston College hosts events geared toward improving professional and networking skills.

The primary goal of the AHANA Management Academy is to prepare Boston College’s AHANA students for competitive, rewarding careers in all business fields. We seek to assist students with the art of occupational networking and etiquette, while recognizing the unique challenges that are sometimes faced by AHANA professionals. The organization also provides a channel for students to meet prominent AHANA alumni. AMA was not created as an exclusive outlet for AHANA students, but should instead serve as a supplement to resources already available to all BC students.

Check out our website: http://amaatbc.wix.com/ahanamanagement
Contact us: AMAatBC@gmail.com
Tweet us: @AMAatBC
Follow us on Instgram: @ahanamanagementacademy
Join us: https://orgsync.com/join/42670/ahana-management-academy

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