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Curating, building, and encouraging student music at Boston College since 1981

Open mics, concerts, volunteering, jamming, and more

There's a great practice room, Lyons 409, that can be booked through our club website, as long as you submit the equipment waiver first. We'll be hosting general meetings and various events throughout the year (open-mics, showcases, and workshops) to help musicians at BC get to know each other.

Check us out on Twitter too (https://twitter.com/BCMusicGuild).

If you have any questions, contact one of our officers! Their contact info is listed below.

President: Mike Lapointe michael.lapointe@bc.edu

Co-VP: Chris Paterno paternoc@bc.edu

Co-VP: John Guzzi guzzij@bc.edu

Treasurer: Dan Miller millerly@bc.edu

Social Media: Dan Lyle

Activities Manager: Amanda Adams

Community Outreach: Alex Navarro

Musician Networking: Edem Dela-Seshie

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