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Women in Business: Women as a resource for other women.

Boston College Women in Business is an organization, network, and community of undergraduate female students dedicated to their empowerment and education. WIB is committed to the growth and expansion of professional and personal opportunities for its members, with a focus on business, leadership, and female empowerment and innovation. Additionally, the group is devoted to helping students answer Father Himes' three crucial questions in the development of their vocation: 1) What brings me joy? 2) What am I good at? 3) Who does the world need me to be?

Co-Presidents: Caela McCann and Diana Angelini
Vice-Presidents: Reba Hatcher and Meghan Hilger
Treasurer: Julia Massard
Secretary: Alexis Teixeira
Head of Logistics: Lauren Wedell
Head of OSI Relations: Ei Jung Kim
Head of Publicity: Katie O'Connor

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