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BU Italian Students Association

The aim of the Italian Students Association, with the motto "Be Italian, BU", is to foster a strong sense of community between Italians at BU and those members of BU interested in Italian culture. We provide resources through organized events, talks, and meals, but also design a tailored introduction to Boston for incoming students from Italy. The organization aims to create an environment in which the greater Italian community can unite to discuss their views about the culture, current and historic events of Italy. The association will also create a bridge to faculty and alumni, thus stimulating debate and creating a network for Boston University students in Italy. The organization aims to share the Italian culture with students from all around the world and give them access to the Italian way of life through discussions and targeted guest speakers.

The group respects the opinions of all members. In order to create an atmosphere in which the group members can share their passions, we will organize dining events and soirees through which the community can share poetry or watch movies in their original language. We will also organize excursions to engage Italian opera pieces and other muscial, literary, culinary, and philosophical resources. Most importantly, through our faculty and alumni we would like to become a regional platform for guest speakers from around the world.

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