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The main goals of the Bentley Non-Profit Society (NPS) are to educate Bentley students about non-profit business and help connect students with local non-profits through networking.

We operate as a non-profit by applying for grants to support our operations; we fundraise in order to give grants and scholarships to other student organizations on campus as well as local groups who apply for them. Last semester we gave a grant to the Bentley University chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Those students were able to take our grant money to Florida for their build and use the money to help the family furnish their new home. Currently, we are in the process of researching more grants and developing an application form and criteria for groups who would like to receive our grants.

We also aim to educate Bentley students who are not necessarily involved in our society, but are still interested in non-profits, by hosting several events that will be open to the entire student body. We will organize lectures and workshops with non-profit professionals from several industries- including professionals in accounting, finance, marketing, and management positions- who can discuss their experiences in the non-profit sector and answer any questions you may have.

This November we are co-sponsoring with Bentley Career Services to host a Non-Profit Career Panel. Our e-board members have been instrumental in organizing this panel as well as pulling together a non-profit career guide, which will be available later this year. By bringing non-profit professionals on campus and working with Career Services we hope to establish an interest in non-profit careers and internships and build a non-profit network that Bentley students can refer to in order to find the jobs and internships they have been looking for.

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