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Boston College Taiwanese Cultural Organization

The Taiwanese Cultural Organization (TCO) at Boston College is an organization that aims to promote the Taiwanese culture at Boston College and provide a sense of community for Taiwanese Americans students at BC as well as all those interested in the Taiwanese culture. We strive to promote the awareness, education, and understanding of Taiwanese culture at Boston College through social, educational, socio-political, and philanthropic events. TCO also seeks to create a sense of unity not only with the Taiwanese community here in Chestnut Hill, but also with students at other universities in the Greater Boston Area.

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BC TCO Executive Board '14-'15

President: Cindy Tung '15
Vice President: Chi Yang Chen '16
Treasurer: Charlotte Chang '17
Secretary: Tiffany Pi '17
Media Chair: Nick Ueng '17
AHANA Caucus Representative: Frank Huang '17

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