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Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine promotes the liberation and self-determination of Palestinian people

As an advocacy group, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is committed to a core set of principles to which it expects its members to adhere. SJP believes that while the Palestinian people must ultimately be able to decide their future in Palestine, certain key principles, grounded in international law, human rights, and basic standards of justice, are fundamental to a just resolution of the plight of the Palestinians. These include the full decolonization of all illegally held Palestinian lands, the end of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. Furthermore, we believe in a just and fair resolution to the Palestinian right of return and repatriation of Palestinian refugees, as well as an end to the Israeli system of discrimination against the indigenous Palestinian population.

Just as SJP condemns the discrimination underlying the policies and laws of the state of Israel, SJP rejects and condemns any form of hatred or discrimination against any religious, racial, or ethnic group. SJP is committed to overcoming anti-Semitic sentiments towards both Arabs and Jews in the Boston community. Rooting its strength in the diversity of its membership, SJP welcomes individuals of all ethnic and religious backgrounds to join in solidarity with the struggle for justice in Palestine.

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