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Boston University's sassiest all-female a cappella group!

Before Lady Gaga wore a poker face. Before Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. Before Britney Spears was toxic…the ladies of Aural Fixation supplied the sass.

Since 1997, BU’s sassiest all female a cappella group has been making its mark on the BU campus. From seasonal concerts, to singing Valentines, to charity events, to BU Night of A Cappella, the ladies of AF are everywhere. Always ready to drop a beat, a popular song, or (the occasional) booty, Aural Fixation brings its signature fun and flare wherever it goes. AF’s hobbies include going on road trips to sing in with other groups, eating nachos, watching movies, and reminiscing about the days of 90’s pop music. Inquire about our newest album, For Boston, released in April, 2013!

Come see us, sing with us, or ask us out at auralfix@bu.edu.

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