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The BU Net Impact Undergrad Chapter is part of a global network of students and professionals using business skills and resources to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Net Impact Undergraduate Club is a student group that aims to encourage social responsibility and sustainable practices in everyday life and business. Through educational events and hands-on learning experiences, we hope to inspire and prepare future leaders to act responsibly and recognize their impact on society and the environment.

Over and over again, research shows that the most responsible companies tend to outperform those that do not see the need to consider obligations outside of generating the largest profit. Corporate social responsibility fosters this idea under the triple bottom line principle—using economic, social, and environmental standards to measure the success of a company. Under this philosophy, Net Impact Undergrad will connect students to socially responsible businesses by offering opportunities to learn and network with representatives and managers to educate students.

As ethical members of our university and community, we will apply what we have learned from CSR and apply what we learn from the businesses we work with to the School of Management and Boston University. Through campus action, Net Impact Undergrad will generate awareness and influence students to take initiatives and apply what they have learned to their own decisions. Net Impact Undergrad will also promote environmental awareness throughout the school and encourage greener, responsible operations from both faculty and students. In order to give back to the greater Boston community, Net Impact Undergrad will actively volunteer in service events and programs.

Our efforts will motivate a new generation of business leaders who will be able to apply principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainability to all aspects of business. These leaders will be prepared with the knowledge needed to compete in this revolutionary era and be inspired to do good and leave a smaller footprint on the earth.

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