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BUCSA is a cultural organization dedicated to empower Asian individuals through promoting Chinese Culture and fostering friendship and camaraderie in the Chinese Community. Join our Facebook group at: http://on.fb.me/H13RlE

We welcome people of all backgrounds and nationalities to join us, to celebrate and learn traditions that have endured for thousands of years. As the largest cultural group on campus, and one of the leading student groups at BU, we offer a range of activities and events for our members. Whether you’re interested in cultural extravaganzas, lessons in dumpling making, or dinner outings with your fellow students, we encourage you to come experience the benefits that CSA has to offer.

2014-15 Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Lexy Chiu & Emily Liang
Treasurer: James Chiang
Secretary: Michelle Yee
Public Relations Chair: Char Ye
Creative Chair: Julia Gao
Event Co-Directors: Lillian Lung & Stephane Tu
Multimedia Chair: Caius Chung
Senior Advisors: Danny Hsu & Christopher Yang


2013-14 Executive Board:

President: Danny Hsu
Vice President: Christopher Yang
Treasurer: Lexy Chiu
Secretary: Emily Liang
Public Relations Chair: Lesley Suen
Fundraising Chair: Jacqueline Chau
Advertising Chair: Stan Wu
Creative Director: Hayley Zhu
Multimedia Chair: Caius Chung
Webmaster: Chi King Li
Sophomore Reps: Eric Suen & Anthony Huang
Senior Advisors: Boris Yu & Daphne Tsou


2012-13 Executive Board:

President: Boris Yu
Vice President: Daphne Tsou
Treasurer: Raymond Lin
Secretary: Alison Kwan
Public Relations Chair: Lesley Suen
Fundraising Chair: Lexy Chiu
Advertising Chair: Kara Li
Social Chair: Danny Hsu
Creative Director: Belinda Cheng
Webstorian: Andrea Chiu
Upperclassmen Reps: Ley Cheung & Jason Kang
Sophomore Reps: Nicky Fuganjananon & Christopher Yang


2011-12 Executive Board:

President: Ley Cheung
Vice President: JJ Wu Chang
Treasurer: Boris Yu
Secretary: Claire Wan
Public Relations Chair: Mazy Yap
Fundraising Chair: Lesley Suen
Advertising Chair/Webstorian: Daphne Tsou
Creative Director: Belinda Cheng
Senior Rep: Jason Yih
Junior Rep: Jay Chen
Sophomore Reps: Raymond Lin & Claire Wan

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