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GlobeMed is a student run non-profit organization based at over 40 colleges across the country. The mission of GlobeMed is to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of the impoverished around the world. This is accomplished through GlobeMed's intimate partnership model in which each chapter works closely with a grassroots organization based in a marginalized community domestically or in a developing country. Additionally, we partake in a curriculum called GlobalHealthU that aims to educate both the chapter and the entire campus about issues of global health.


Our chapter has been partnered with an organization called CORD, which works to facilitate integrated, sustainable social help programs in local communities and in the Indian subcontinent through processes of self- empowerment and enrichment.

"A typical Indian village faces several social and economic issues. Domestic violence, rampant alcoholism, rape, gender discrimination and community exclusion of the disabled are widely prevalent. All these problems are co-mingled and cannot be handled in isolation. CORD was formulated to alleviate the pains of the rural villages of these issues."

•To initiate and encourage CORD supporters to give back to their individual communities by serving those in need.
•To develop and strengthen a comprehensive, convergent, sustainable and participatory rural development program.
•To empower rural women, men and youth.
•To help increase economic self-reliance through micro-credit, income generation
schemes and village-level enterprise.
•To provide community based healthcare through preventive and promotional
measures as well as provide primary healthcare services through dispensaries.
•To provide community based rehabilitation for the disabled.
•To help strengthen local self-governance.
•To create environmental awareness and implement natural resource management. •To improve education, promote literacy and value-based education.
•To promote and facilitate social justice.
•To increase the capacity of women, men, youth and children to uplift their
communities and themselves and fire their latent potential through community
based organizations.
•To network and collaborate with institutions, individuals, non-governmental
organizations, governmental agencies and donors agencies to reinforce and
promote the objectives of CORD.
•To conduct training programs towards fulfillment of all objectives.

Working closely with CORD, we will design projects and support their already existing projects, and raise the necessary funds to complete them. Together we will work towards a goal and make strides in sustainability efforts.

There is also potential for a 3-8 week GROW (grassroots on-site work) internship to India for Summer 2014.

visit and for more information.


THIS ORGANIZATION IS NOT ONLY FOR PRE-HEALTH STUDENTS!! We have taken in about 30 members for this semester to help our cause. If you're not a member of GlobeMedBC, don't worry! The majority of our events, which will include guest speakers, globalhealthU initiatives, and fundraisers, will be for the general public, so anyone interested can still get involved.

Please visit to learn more about GlobeMed, or e-mail with any questions!

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