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GlobeMed at MIT is one of 54 GlobeMed chapters working to improve the health of people living in poverty by partnering with a grassroots organization.

Our Partner - Hope Through Health (HTH)

Hope Through Health is a non-profit organization in Togo, Africa that works to improve access to healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Alongside the Togolese non-profit community-based organization AED-Lidaw, Hope Through Health runs 4 clinics and provides anti-retroviral therapy and medications to fight opportunistic infections to over 2500 people. HTH also strives to educate surrounding communities about HIV/AIDS, runs a program to prevent HIV transmission from mothers to children, and provides training for Community Health Workers (CHW).

Our Project

GlobeMed at MIT aims to improve AED-Lidaw's efficiency in clinical management and community health worker (CHW) programs through technology, education and other MIT resources. In January 2013, two GlobeMed members will travel to Kara, Togo to teach pharmacists and clinic staff various computer skills to increase their efficiency. AED-Lidaw also runs a day-camp, called “Club Hope,” for kids who are HIV+ or who have family members with HIV. GlobeMed members will run a session of Club Hope, during which they will teach students basic computer skills.

The money we fundraise during the year will be used for:

(1) Technology to track medication usage.

(2) Computer training for pharmacists - The pharmacists have solely been using manual means to record data on medication usage and patient records; therefore they will need training to use the machines. Our funds will help pay for the local people and/or GROW interns who will be training the pharmacists.

(3) Stipends for the two pharmacy coordinators, both of whom work full-time for AED-Lidaw.

(4) Any extra money fundraised will go towards purchase of medications.

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