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Meetings every Thursday at 6PM in Room 305, Shillman Hall or email us at to get involved.

Green Line Records is a nonprofit, student-run record label based out of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. The record label's greater objective is to discover artists below the threshold at which larger record labels normally notice them, and to break that threshold by accelerating their careers. Green Line works with artists from a myriad of genres, providing them each with a unique complement of services that caters to their niche markets. The model allows artists to work completely through the record label for services that include management, studio / live recording, booking, merchandising, marketing, brand design and more.

Every aspect of the business is organized by students enrolled in Northeastern University who are committed to giving local artists the support needed to enter and thrive throughout the music industry. Green Line is effectively a hub for student research, using established industry practices as a foundation from which students can actively implement innovative business strategies for both the record label and its artists.

FOR ALL DEMO SUBMISSIONS: Please send a short email with links to bandcamp/soundcloud, social media pages and any other applicable media (EPK, music video, live footage on YouTube). Do NOT send attachments. A response should be expected within a one week period.

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