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In an effort to grow interaction between fellowship groups and to form a more tight-knit community among Christians on campus, Athletes in Action (AIA) and Christian Impact (CI) will be working much closer together beginning this upcoming academic year, merging their group meetings into one large group three out of four weeks each month. Along with enjoying a more united community and closer fellowship, both organizations will nonetheless continue to pursue their missions of sharing Christ's love with the greater Harvard community.

Christian Impact is part of the Harvard chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, an international Christian organization dedicated to bringing the Gospel and Christ's love to the students of the world by founding and supporting groups such as CI on campuses worldwide.

Athletes in Action is a ministry with a national vision of reaching athletes across the globe and resourcing the world for Jesus Christ. Here at Harvard, AIA seeks to provide a Christ-centered environment to help athletes study the Bible and learn to apply Scriptural principals as they compete. We are committed to loving Christ and sharing this love with the greater campus, with an especial focus on the relevancy of Christ’s teachings in the life of a student-athlete. Vital to our mission is serving our community, as well as supporting and building each other up in our respective walks with the Lord.

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