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The Harvard Haitian Alliance (HHA) was founded to promote Haitian culture and awareness of social issues in Haiti and the Diasporan community.

The Harvard Haitian Alliance was founded as the Harvard-Radcliffe Haitian Alliance in the early 1990s by members of the class of 1996 as a response to a growing need for an organization that could promote cultural understanding and foster conversation about Haiti. Since then, this organization has been committed to projects that serve the Haitian community and initiate discussion on issues that are relevant to Haiti's history, culture, and current situation. From 2006-2009, the organization became inactive, but it has since been reinstated and has renewed its commitment to promoting Haitian culture, serving the community and raising awareness about social issues. HHA is a member of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations, the National Haitian Student Alliance, and the Massachusetts Haitian Student Association. We regularly collaborate with on and off-campus groups to bring programming about Haiti to the Harvard community and general public.

Motto: Nou met led, men nou la! [We may be ugly, but we are here!]

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(516) 319-0476

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