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We are a team of student healthcare liaisons – here to help you access & navigate the HUHS system, and providing basic first-aid directly in your House!

What is HealthPALs?
HealthPALs, Health Peer Advisor & Liaisons, are a team of healthcare liaisons between students and Harvard University Health Services. As a HealthPAL, you will know the ins and outs of HUHS, and be able to guide peers in accessing and managing their healthcare. You will also be certified in first aid, and trained to be able to give out single-dose over-the-counter medications directly in your House for minor ailments.

Why do we need HealthPALs?
There is sometimes what feels like a “great divide” between HUHS and students. Many of the complaints we hear about HUHS are simply due to a lack of communication, collaboration, and coordination between HUHS and campus. HealthPALs aims to bridge this gap, to foster greater understanding between both sides and improve the healthcare experience for everyone.

Why join HealthPALs?
Insight - Gain insight to all aspects of healthcare – from first-aid to management, delivery, and public health.
Innovation – Be part of starting something new, where you can truly innovate and see your ideas turn into reality.
Impact - Have a real, tangible impact on the campus community. Gain skills that will enable you to impact healthcare today at Harvard, and tomorrow far beyond.

How do I become a HealthPAL?
A short application can be downloaded from https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B9yPgiea_wLubTJRbDhkRzhuVEk.
The “Early Action” deadline is midnight on Sunday, April 7th – after this date we will begin reviewing and interviewing. The final deadline for submission is midnight on Saturday, April 13th.

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