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HRCF is a multi-denominational multiethnic community of undergraduate students who are exploring faith in Jesus Christ at Harvard.

We are a fun-loving, supportive community that seeks to be inclusive of anyone and everyone. In HRCF, you will find Democrats and Republicans, white, black, asian, latino, biracial, and multiracial friends from numerous countries, diverse family backgrounds, and a variety of intellectual interests and extracurricular passions. We are united by a common desire to know the God revealed in the life and person of Jesus Christ.

HRCF has formed a partnership with InterVarsity/USA Christian Fellowship and the InterVarsity Chaplaincy at Harvard. The current InterVarsity staff workers for HRCF are Stanford graduate Mako Nagasawa, who has worked with InterVarsity fellowships in the Boston area for the past decade, and Jennifer Delurey, who graduated from Harvard in 2012.

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