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"Cheese is to pizza as rock is to the soul." - Confucius. We do album-listening parties, musical workshops and everything rock & roll.

Harvard School of Rock is a group that aims to empower students outside the academic sphere by amplifying their creative voices through musical expression, creation and performance, leaving the students feeling more artistically fulfilled than when they arrived. We provide a creative space and outlet for students who are interested in rock music, which falls outside the traditional artistic scope of Harvard and is a repertoire relatively unexplored by other music groups on campus. We offer musical and cultural content for the entertainment of the students and the public. We are unwaveringly committed to promoting greater appreciation, imagination and passion for rock music within the Harvard community.

We do this by providing musical workshops and technical trainings, introducing students to the dynamics of a group performance, arranging encounters between students and renowned musicians, facilitating outings to concerts, meeting weekly to listen to and discuss albums and organizing social gatherings. We want to foster a supportive community of peers that constitute Harvard’s first exciting and entertaining rock music group.

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