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The Undergraduate Admissions Council (UAC) is a hospitality corps of Harvard College students

*UAC Board 2012-2013*

Co-Chairs: Isamar Vega '13 and Samantha Barkowski '14
Visitas Coordinators: Jayshlyn Acevedo '14 and Molly Dillaway '15 (Returning members)
Webmaster/PR: Jonathan D'Gama '14 (Returning member)
Assistant Visitas Events Coordinators: Christian Ramirez '15 and Sophia Ohler '15
Digital and Social Media Coordinator: Yuqi Hou '15
Return to High School Coordinators: Tim Seery '15 (Returning member), Aya Darwazeh '15, and Lizbeth Hernandez '16
Hosting Coordinators: David Tang-Quan '15 and Veronica Behrens '15

UAC members host visiting students in their dormitory rooms, return to their high schools to relate their experiences at the College to others, and call, congratulate and serve as mentors for admitted students a few days after they receive the good news from Harvard. They also play a major role in greeting, hosting, and entertaining more than a thousand admitted students who are invited to campus for three days for the April Visiting Program. Through opportunities like this, admitted students can begin to build their personal Harvard "community" long before they set foot in a classroom. The Visiting Program, for many current undergraduates, marked their "aha" moment of decision making; those three days were what made Harvard real, inviting, and most importantly, a place that could become a future home. We'd love for current students to join the UAC family and help us realize these goals. Please get in touch with us by emailing harvarduac@gmail.com.

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