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Hemispheres, the Tufts Undergraduate Journal of International Affairs, is the oldest undergraduate journal of its kind. More information can be found at http://tuftshemispheres.org/

Hemispheres is an annual academic journal of international
affairs edited and published by students at Tufts University.
Since its creation in 1976, Hemispheres has been committed
to publishing distinguished research, theses and case studies
that reflect the changing and diverse world in which we live.

Information about solicitations and this year's issue will be forthcoming.

This year's new elected staff:

Managing Editor: Adrienne Larson
Treasurer: John Fenton
Director of Marketing: Anoushka Shahane
Marketing Associate: Mah Sotoudeh
Secretary: Juliet Hewes
Business Relations Team: Selin Ipek, Sharon Lam, Joey Cheug
Event Coordinators: Neena Kapur and Nick Golden
Director of Alumni Relations: Jacob Clark
Alumni Relations Associate: Jasmine White
Photo Editor: Maura McQuade
Communications Coordinator/Social Chair: Ellie Monroe

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