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Bringing together poets, rap artists, musicians, comedians and ranters in a community about expressing yourself, making a change and sharing stories.

The Official MassArt Poetry Alliance is a group dedicated to giving a safe space for artists of all types to perform. Open to all artists inside and outside the massart community, we have monthly open mic nights with featured poets from the area, weekly writing workshops every Tuesday, and other events throughout the year. Stay tuned for upcoming events, mics and bring the dopeness.

This pledge insures that the audience respects the performers, and that the performers respect the audience... This will serve as the guiding line between the performer & the audience. So, as you come in, we will partake in this pledge.

I hereby pledge
to bring the dopeness.
I pledge to listen,
I pledge to hear,
I pledge to respect
the performer, myself,
and the art of self-expression.
I hereby give the performers
the freedom to bring the dopeness.

I hereby pledge
to bring the dopeness.
I pledge to respect the
freedom that has been given
to me.
I pledge to use this freedom
responsibly & wisely.
I pledge to respect the audience,
and appreciate the ability
to express myself.
I pledge to receive this freedom,
and to not abuse it.
I hereby pledge to bring
the dopeness.

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