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Welcome to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Republican Club.

As students and members of the MIT community, we are dedicated to advancing the principles envisioned by our Founding Fathers through a limited, more efficient government. The MIT College Republican Club will help build the Republican Party to be the home of innovation, advanced technology, and entrepreneurial investment. Located in arguably one of the most liberal locations in the nation, we embrace the challenge of building our Party through engaging issue-oriented discourse and promoting our Party's agenda. As the 2012 Presidential and midterm elections approach, the MIT College Republican Club will play a role in helping the Commonwealth transition from a deeply "blue" state to a "red" state!

Throughout the academic year, the MIT College Republican Club is hosting a series of speakers who will discuss issues of political significance. The lectures are free and open to the public. Preceding each lecture is an invitation-only VIP Reception presenting an opportunity for invited guests to meet the speaker and enjoy refreshments. Members of the MIT College Republican Club are invited to these receptions. In the Club’s spirit of inclusiveness, all are welcome to the lecture regardless of political affiliation.

In September, the Lecture Series began with a presentation by MIT graduate Governor John H. Sununu entitled “Dissecting the 2012 Presidential Election.” Sununu, a Co-Chair of the Romney for President Campaign and former Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, delivered his remarks to an audience including MIT faculty, administration, students, and members of the greater Boston and Cambridge communities.

The Club is actively engaged in supporting the re-election of U.S. Senator Scott Brown. In September, the Club hosted the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans and Students for Scott Brown kick-off event for Senator Brown. Students from Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, Harvard, and Northeastern as well as a number of other schools attended the barbecue. Kerry Healey, who served as Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor in the Romney Administration, was the featured speaker. Club President Caroline Shinkle introduced Lieutenant Governor Healey who spoke about the importance of the 2012 Presidential Election, especially to the rising generation.

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