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This is the official page of MIT ESA (Egyptian Student Association).

This is the official page of MIT ESA (Egyptian Student Association). Here you can find & communicate with Egyptian affiliates of MIT.

The Egyptian Student Association at MIT is a a student group that aims to be a catalyst the forging of an alliance between Egypt and MIT, and our objectives to achieve this are threefold. We aspire to support the development of the Egyptian economy, technological industry, scientific progress, civil society and entrepreneurial spirit. We also aim to represent Egyptian culture on the MIT campus and the greater Boston region, and finally to create a social community for Egyptians at MIT and Boston.

Main goals of this page:

- Create an effective channel between Egyptians at MIT with people in Egypt.
- Publish news and updates relevant to ESA @ MIT.
- Help and direct ambitious students (graduate & undergraduate) in applying to study at MIT.

You can always contact us directly through messages on this page, or through our e-mail:

Club mailing lists:
List of Egyptians studying at MIT:
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