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Barkada promotes diversity and fellowship by advocating the richness of the Filipino heritage through member and community engagement in cultural, educational, and social activities.

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Presidents: James Tan
Vice President: Alexis Aguila
Treasurer: Seve Barrameda
Secretary: Carl Palad
Internal Public Relations: Melissa de Leon
External Public Relations: Alexis Bagon
Performance Coordinators: Melanie Chu & Jennifer Hayashi
Media Specialist: Alexa Nguyen
Historian: Jessica Chen

“Barkada” is a word from the Filipino language Tagalog meaning “group of friends.” However, we embrace each and every one of our members as not only friends but family as well. Northeastern University’s Barkada began as a small group of Filipino/Filipino-American students who aspired to have their culture recognized at the university. Throughout its years as an established student organization, NU Barkada has grown to become a bigger family than its founders had ever imagined. However, the organization holds true to the guidelines and values set forth by its founders and continues to build upon their strong foundation.

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