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ST@HC fosters a connection between the sciences and performing arts at Harvard College.

Science Theater at Harvard College is concerned with building and fostering lasting connections between the arts and science communities on campus, by providing funding and support to artists and scientists who are interested in creating theater that deals with science, technology and its wide implications on society. We seek to bring these two communities closer together by
- hosting events through which artists and scientists can share their knowledge and engage in fruitful discussions
- matching up artists and scientists who wish to expand upon their own artistic and intellectual horizons
- providing staffing, technical and funding support to directors interested in producing theater on campus that deals significantly with science, technology and it's societal implications.

At the end of each semester we will select a student theater production, through a competitive application and interview process, to sponsor and support for the next semester. Eligible shows must deal with science and social or ethical issues surrounding the field. This can be demonstrated either by the play itself or by the director's interpretation of the play. The selected team can apply through HRDC to use an HRDC venue, or use alternative venues such as the SciBox. As part of our sponsorship we can fund the production costs up to $500, though our main objective will be to create programming around the performances to bring scientists and artists together.

Finally with our Theater Lab Initiative, we want to foster the creation of new theater spaces on campus in which student artists can explore, experiment and fail.

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