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The SEAS Racing team is comprised of Harvard Undergraduates building ultra-efficient vehicles.

We are the SEAS Racing team, a group of Harvard undergraduates crafting an ultra-efficient vehicle to compete in the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon! Our background is diverse--we are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, material scientists, and even physicists. Yet, we share the same end goal: to work together to create an innovative, energy-efficient vehicle to successfully compete in the Eco-Marathon!

Our vehicle, the SeasShell, will be competing in the Prototype category. Vehicles in this category should be "futuristic and streamlined," and ultra-efficient.

It's worth noting that we are Harvard's very first Eco-Marathon team. Therefore, we want to represent our school by crafting the best, most efficient vehicle possible. We will be racing the SeasShell in downtown Houston between April 24th and 27th, 2014. Join us on our journey to the Eco-Marathon competition!

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