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Simmons College TEA Society is a social organization focusing on promoting charity, long lasting friendships, and wellness of mind and body within Simmons.

The TEA Society is an organization created by Kelsey Byther and Julia Belkin, students at Simmons College. Our goal is to bring students together with similar but varied interests in the spirit of making new friends, encouraging self-empowerment, and supporting the Simmons and Boston community. In the TEA society, we have three principal values: charity, bonding among peers, and wellness of the body and mind. We hope to promote strong, long-lasting relationships between classmates who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet, and provide additional socialization between other schools. In an effort to secure these bonds, we will have separate events and outings for members, and also host events for the Simmons community at large, such as spa days and monthly tea parties, to honor one of Simmons famous pastimes. Additionally, members of TEA will be strongly encouraged to attend sporting and other events put on by organizations at Simmons to promote school spirit.

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