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Spirit of Color (SoC) is a Tufts University student run performing arts dance troupe that encourages students to explore their creativity through dance and share their artistic expression with others.

Created in 1993 as a “means of cultural expression through singing acting and dancing”, SoC has become one of Tufts’ most popular performing arts troupes. SoC’s shows feature a wide range of dance genres including hip-hop, jazz, pop and lock, contemporary, modern, and cultural styles (flamenco, capoeira, salsa). Dance forms have also included stepping, tap, ballet/lyrical, and b-boying.

A student-run group, Spirit of Color choreographs in addition to performing. At the end of every semester, SOC puts on a show that not only showcases the choreography of its dancers but also the work of different performing arts groups of Tufts and the greater Boston area.

SOC constantly pushes the boundaries with original, creative pieces, and its dancers are always working to improve technique and style. Spirit of Color looks to unite the dance community in Boston and expand the horizons of creative movement.

In addition to their own showcases, SoC’ers are always eager to show their Jumbo pride by participating in many Tufts performances such as the Freshman Orientation Show, Sarabande’s Supershow, and Parents Weekend. SoC also enjoys participating in fun off campus shows, competitions, and philanthropic events.

Finally, it a priority that SoC spreads their love for dance with the entire Tufts community. Not only does the group hold weekly dance workshops for non-members, but SoC also has an open dance which is open to non-members and is performed at their showcase every semester.

Keep an eye out for auditions, performances, and open classes throughout the semester!!

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