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We work to promote health and wellness among the student body.

Southwestern PHEs are students selected by the Counseling and Health services trained to provide educational programs that enhance student awarenss of holistic health and wellness. Examples of events we have hosted are: Alcohol Awareness and Beer Googles Games, Erica Upshaw: Keep Friendship Alive, QPR Suicide Prevention Training, HPV Vaccination Clinics, Flu Shot Clinics, Sexual Responsibility and Consent Education, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Stress Free Zone and the Free Day/Evening of Yoga.

We are always planning more events and are eager to work with other student organizations. If you have ideas for events or would like to collaborate please send us an email or FB message. Further contacting individual PHEs or members of the Counseling and Health Services is also encouraged.

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(512) 863-1252

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