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The Case Analysis Team (S.U.C.A.T.) provides an exciting learning environment to build undergraduate skills in presentations, networking, and analysis.

What we do:
The Suffolk University Case Analysis Team (SUCAT) provides the students of Suffolk University a chance to demonstrate their skills of analysis and presenting not only to fellow students but also to faculty, administration, and alumni. Furthermore, as the club continues to grow it becomes a perfect outlet for students from Suffolk to exhibit their skills and knowledge in front of other schools to help spread the Suffolk brand in the form of external case competitions. These competitions, in addition to being a stage for Suffolk students to succeed, are a perfect incubator for networking with fellow students from different schools as well as with recruiters and professionals.

How do we do it:
SUCAT is designed to help students from their first year at Suffolk but will accommodate any student who wants to join. Our club takes students who excel or wish to excel in case analysis (as done by every student who has been enrolled in Business Foundations) and goes further by refining the techniques and skills that were introduced in Business Foundations. The program is designed to have various tracks that students can take to continuously improve their skill set.

The Journey:
Every spring SUCAT starts its intramural competitions as a continuance of where they finished Business Foundations. During this time they are working with both faculty and with SUCAT mentors (students who have been with the program and wish to participate in mentoring). When the fall comes, students who competed can either choose to become a mentor or continue to compete for a chance to fill a prominent seat on the team that will represent Suffolk University.
When a student chooses to mentor they will be trained under the guidance of faculty and external professionals to extend their case analysis comprehension. By learning these new skills, they will enter the next spring semester as a mentor for the new assembly of students. While teaching the new students, the mentors will be able to perfect techniques and gain experience on the management side. The new students will gain and learn through the mentors as well as gain insight that they can then perfect in the upcoming semesters.
If a student decides to take the competition path, they will be competing for one of four to eight spots in the external team(s). The slots will be based on the internal competitions held during the fall semester in order to prepare them for the spring competitions.
By spending two semesters to work on the techniques and strategies of case analysis, the teams that leave Suffolk will be strong no matter who makes the final teams. SUCAT has the goal to enter as many competitions as possible to get our students involved with other schools and expand Suffolk influence.

Why we do it:
We are engineered to give students the ability and opportunity to demonstrate to other universities and businesses the capacity of a Suffolk education. Being a small university allows for a personal and developed intertwined community. SUCAT will allow our students to display the collaboration of the Suffolk community to all students and other universities.

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