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SUMTT competes in the annual American Mock Trial Association tournament in hopes of winning the gold and expanding the legal knowledge of our members.

Mock Trial gives students the experience of a courtroom trial by putting them in an attorney or witness position while litigating a case in front of a judge and jury inside the courtroom. Our team takes on the roles of the prosecution/plaintiff or the defense and another team from another school takes on the opposing role. Then, both sides try the case using all their knowledge of the law, rules of evidence, and the facts of the case itself. The team travels to other schools/states to compete in invitationals, regionals, and nationals while gaining rewarding experience with incredible benefits throughout the entire season.

Executive Board:

Zachary Werth (President & Capt.)
Jonah Wastler (VP)
Morine Mitchell (Treasurer)
Marc-Daniel Paul (Secretary)

Non Executive Board Admins:
Justin Munrad (B Team Supervisor)

A Team:
Zach Werth (1st Chair Both Sides)
Chris Hassapis (2nd Chair Prosecution/Plaintiff)
Marc-Daniel Paul (2nd Chair Defense)
Nadine Moujahed (3rd Chair Defense)
Morine Mitchell (3rd Chair Plaintiff/Defense Witness)
Johanny Quezada (Star Witness)
Iain Campbell (Witness)
Aziza Asad (Witness)
Jonah Strassler (Witness)
Gunnar Vincens (Witness)

B Team:
Zachary Werth (Attorney)
Marc-Daniel (Attorney)
Austin Sager(Attorney)
Marissa Trunfio (Attorney)
Hannagh Jacobs (Witness)
Yaslyn Villanueva (Witness)
Rachel Turner (Witness)
Laura Martoney (Witness)
Timothy Clancy (Witness)

How can you find us?

(617) 570-4854

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