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TAMID seeks to integrate students with the dynamic, high-tech world of Israeli business through pro-bono consulting and capital market investment research.

The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a comprehensive, multi-phased program on college campuses to connect American business-minded students with the Israeli economic landscape. The initiative aligns the next generation of philanthropists, leaders and investors in Israel through education, hands-on investment experience, and meaningful professional opportunities. Founded in 2010, TAMID Harvard works with nearby campuses as well as the renowned Harvard Business and Law Schools to conduct consulting work and host guest speakers, including Professor Ben Friedman of HBS and Adam Harmon, former Israeli paratrooper.

Mission: The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy.

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TAMID integrates the next generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals with Israel through a comprehensive education curriculum, pro-bono consulting for Israeli startups, capital market investment research, and a summer internship program in Israel. TAMID has no political or religious affiliations.

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