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The Bridge Initiative is an educational project that aims to connect and promote artists of various backgrounds and cultures through a succession of collaboration-oriented events in countries with emerging music industries.

How we Bridge

The visiting artists will dwell in the culture of the country they are visiting in the company of various local artists (painters, musicians, etc.) for a certain time period before conducting their work. This allows for different artists of that very same country to meet, collaborate, and network.

The workshops, master classes, seminars and panel discussions will be conducted in various institutions to achieve visibility and collaborate through networking.

Connecting Artistic Organizations

One of our main goals is to unite artistic organizations from all backgrounds into one art scene by creating a perfect environment of creation.

Mounting International Events

We open doors by making our local institutions hosts of international participants, artists and sponsors, pulling together educational possibilities that were not seen before by the visited country.

Exposing local artists

Sponsoring these events allows local artists to showcase their skills and dreams to the international media and public opinion.

Sharing knowledge

We share music and career development skills through what we learned as former students in Berklee College of Music. Spreading knowledge in connection with Berklee professors, alumni and students at our events.

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